# The typography

# Embed

You can name your embed variable anything you want, we usually start with $font-primary.

$font-primary: (
	font-family: (HelveticaNeue, sans-serif),
	weights: (
		'Regular': 400,
		'Medium': 500,
		'Bold': 600
	font-weights: true,
	path: '/fonts',
	files: (
	use: (
	types: (

# Filenames

Your filenames need to correspond with our syntax: FontName-FontWeight.extension, HelveticaNeue-Bold.woff f.e., if you want to add an italic font you can also add a font type after FontWeight, but it's not necessary with a normal font.

We only look for the files of the first font supplied in the font-family array, the rest of the fonts should be system font backups.

# Use

In the use array you can add any css selector that you would like to set this font-family on, use: ('h2', 'footer h1 ~ p') is allowed for example 😉.